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July Kellyanne Conway (2017) from my Glitched Government series exhibits in Glitches and Defects, a gallery show in Rome. International group exhibition featuring more than 80 artists works as large format prints.

May 31 Processing animations Echoes and Temperance introduced to viewers via QR codes at The Shy Gallery of Art, The Lincoln Warehouse, 2018 S.1rst Street, Milwaukee, WI.

May neuroStatic (2019) installed in Roman Susan Gallery's Streetlight programming. Rodgers Park, Chicago

March 11 - April 10 Come With Me if you Want To Live screened in a group show Eclectic Dreams at The Project Space, Deakin University, Geelong waterfront campus, Victoria, Australia.




Nov 16-18 Come With Me If You Want To Live (2017) installs in the North Bellarine Film Festival, Drysdale & Portarlington, Australia.

Oct 26 - Nov 25 consume the disease (2015) exhibits in Nanjing, China as part of The One MInutes' exhibition Ways Of Seeing The Future.

Sept 21 resonance performed in a pair of conjoined parking spaces in Appleton, Wisconsin at the invitation of Liminal Spaces gallery.

Aug 26 The Devil's Abacus, commissioned by Present Music, was staged at Vogel Theater as part of Milwaukee's Fringe Festival.

July 18 as [manco] performed threnody [ contingent overload unravells ] at the Jazz Gallery for Peter Woods' album release show.
[ live sculpted sonic and visual musics mixing cutup and musical performance ]

April 7 Cristian Andersson's Scriptorium installation opens. I designed the audio software [ Babbbel ] he uses to perform in the work.

April 7 My portraits of Senator Ron Johnson and House Speaker Paul Ryan were auctioned in NYC as part of the Senator Portrait Project.

Feb 23-25 1 minute cut of Come With Me If You Want To Live screens in Program 1 of One Minute North Wales, Wales, British Islands.

Jan 19 + ongoing through 2018: Come With Me If You Want To Live (3 minute iteration) (2017) installs in The Cube Art Project. Lincoln, NE.




Oct 27-Dec 10 ungun installs in UNLOADED: UP IN ARMS (group - smaller), Wesleyan University's South Gallery, Wesleyan.

2017 Sep 5–Oct 26 ungun installed in UNLOADED (group) University of LaVerne, LaVerne, CA.

Jun 16-Jul 14 prints of digital images from Glitch The Government series (2017) installed in The New Normal(group) Sweettree Ink, Watertown, MA.

interview ungun: Silence versus Speech in the Experience of Pain. OF NOTE Magazine, Spring 2017.

April tone poem [ regret ] (2017) screened in FROSTBITE film festival.

Apr 1 - May 5 : images from Maps of the Forgetting Curve will be included in Roman Susan's Property. Images created in Processing. Rogers Park & the Internet, Chicago, IL.

Mar 22 - May 12 solo show screen/ing exhibits at University of Wisconsin Fox Valley Art Gallery.

Feb 16 : 6 Gallery Press (Pittsburgh) releases Manual for Wayward Angels, my second book of poetry.

Jan 20 - Feb 18 ungun installed in UNLOADED (group) University of Kentucky at Lexingtion Bolivar Art Gallery, Lexington, KY.




Oct 21 consume the disease screens in theoneminute's presentation of healing tool at Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China.

Oct 7 - Dec 31 ungun installs in UNLOADED at City Way, presented by Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art at CityWay

Sep 29 - Oct 9 consume the disease was presented in theoneminutes foundation screening at Reykjavik International Film Festival 2016, Reykjavik (IS)

Sep 2 - Oct 23 ungun installs in Visual Studies Workshop's UNITS (group) Rochester, NY.

Aug 13 exhibits untitled [ portable neurosis ] glitch projection sculpture in VGA/BitBash (group) at Revel Fulton Market in Chicago's west loop.

July 24 Senator Portrait Project website launches, including my images of Wisconsin Congressmen.

July 22 »radiantdevices« opened for Psychic TV & The Chandeliers. Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago.

June 11-15 visiting artist, the Black Mountain School's GIF course, taught by Ryan Seslow.

June 8 L'Etoile [ Key XVII ] 2015, [ weapon ] 2015 and ungun screened in Bring Your Own Beamer!, Porto, Portugal.

May 14 [ weapon ] 2015 installed in _r4w.EɌ̶Ɍ̶.b1t5! ___(A) RE:uɹnʇ TO: d1Ɍ+y̶ ̶N̶3WWW_M3DI∆ #Chicago

April 23 data painting : monkeyBoy installed in FILMIDEO 2016, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ.

Mar-May ungun video installed in UNLOADED (group) Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI.

Feb 12 »radiantdevices« played Chicago's Metro.

Feb 5 sound project Chicago Metra Number Station selected and published in Cities and Memory: Dada Sounds project marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, a moment associated with the beginning of DaDa.

Jan-Mar ungun video installed in UNLOADED (group) Ithica, NY.




Dec consume the disease (2015) screens in Theoneminutes (Netherlands) December exhibition, Healing Tool. The show will be installed in twenty international participating museums and cultural institutions.

Dec 5 »radiantdevices« plays Chicago's Gallery Cabaret for Pinto & The Bean CD Release, with Bad Bad Meow and White Syrens.

Nov 6-8 commuter screened in One Minute Hull, festival of videos installed throughout Hull, England, UK.

Oct 17 Send and Receive (interactive performance) installed in UNLOADED (group) NIU Art Museum, Altgeld Hall.

Oct 16 Taught Taking Things Apart artist strategy workshop. Visual Art Building, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL.

Oct 15 Artist talk. Altgeld Hall, room 315. 5-6 PM. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL.

Sep 11 »radiantdevices« opened for Man Or Astro Man? at Chicago's Empty Bottle.

Aug 25 - Oct 24 ungun installed in UNLOADED (group) NIU Art Museum, Altgeld Hall, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL.

Aug 21 »radiantdevices« play Chicago's Tonic Room with House of Whales & Digisaurus.

June 27 »radiantdevices« headlined Chicago's Martyrs

June 24 gifs included in Animating Transit projections on discrete locations of NYC subway line

May 3 ungun screens in the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (4/30-5/3), 7:00 PM, Kenilworth. Milwaukee, WI.

April 25 ungun installed in FILMIDEO 2015. International screening/installation, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ.

April 11 data painting: monkeyBoy screened in The Front's international film fest, Digital Native. New Orleans, LA.

March 19 Curatorial: projecting 9 Chicago-based video artist's works at Link's Hall's THAW, including data painting: swimmy.

Feb 20 The Gravedigger's Meditation (2015) animation screens in The Overcoat (group). Sweettree Ink, Watertown, MA with concurrent 8-day internet debut at drawclose.com.

Feb 13 - April 24 ungun video installed in UNLOADED (group) SPACE gallery, Pittsburgh.

Jan 1 rang in the new year projecting beautifulstrange audioresponsive animation for Furious Frank at the Hideout, Chicago.




Dec 8 data paintings at the end & garden screened in the Havana Film Festival. Havana, Cuba.

Nov 1-15, Dec 15-30 data paintings garden & commuter installed in Roman Susan Gallery's video exhibition Streetlight, in the Annex. Rogers Park, Chicago, Il.

Nov 8-20 ungun screened in Medrar's 6th Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, Egypt.

Oct 18 peep screened in the "Looking, and Looking Back" selection of Transient Visions, Spool Manufacturing, Johnson City, NY.

Oct 13 peep published as featured video work, with artist statement and interview, in Stigmart10 Autumn 2014 VideoFocus

Sept 29 - Oct 10 FLOCK (clip 3) and sketch: signal to noise #1 screened in 9th Szczecin European Film Festival, in Szczecin/Poland and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania/Germany.

Aug 30 projected live-responsive animation created in Processing for »radiantdevices« at The Metro, Chicago.

Aug 7-10 data paintings swimmy and shark (2014) install as projections in Beacons Festival. Heslaker farm, Skipton, North Yorkshire, England.

May 21. i.thou (2008-2013) review published at filmthreat.com

Mar 27 CHASE (2010) screens in Best of Sync'd. Soundtrack by bigg slurppp. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh, PA.

Feb 9-28 videos commuter & data painting (garden) show in Roman Susan Gallery's video exhibition Streetlight. Rogers Park, Chicago, Il.

Feb 1 Y'all ready for .gifs? storefront exhibition of .gifs. THREADS, Logan Square, Chicago, Il.




Dec 1-15 ungun and peep screened in International Streaming Festival, 8th Edition. The Hague, Netherlands.

Nov - Dec streamed ungun in VIDEO>transcends from CUNY Queensborough Community College's Art Gallery servers in Bayside Queens, New York.

Nov 22-23 ungun screens in the Three Rivers Film Festival's Competitive Shorts program, Pittsburgh, PA.

Sept 20 work (noun) screened in Ireland as part of Mart's contribution to Dublin's local art walk.

Aug 5 ungun screened in Videoholica! in Varna, Bulgaria

May 31 - June 1 ungun installed in Audiovisioni Digitali/Scicli throughout the city of Sicily, Italy.

May 3 screened ungun in Magmart: Video Under the Volcano VIII (juried) at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy and online.

April screened ungun in VIDEO>transcends at www.streamingfestival.com. Curated by Ryan Seslow.

Feb 16 performing poet, West Side School for the Desperate's 2d Anniversary Show

Jan Contributing poet, Free State Review



Nov 21-25 Screened work (noun) in MART's 'We Wear Short Shorts' : The Irish Film Festival London, London, England.

Sept 12-22 Screened video in TELEVISION : An Exhibition. Curated by Sarah Lundy for MART, Tactic gallery, Sullivan's Quay, Cork, Ireland.

Poem, Haiku for my Friend who Hurts published at Getting Along with Grief

Feb 22 Two poems, Poem for Nova and Reparations collected in the anthology Dionne's Story: An Anthology for the Awareness of Relationship Violence, Volume 2.


Dec Weave Magazine published Three Minute Internet Kiosk, Denver in Issue 07.

July 21 work (noun) in Carnegie Museum of Art's Two Minute Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA.

May 3 Collected and published #NaPoWriMo 2011: 30 Poems in 30 Days after publishing them to the internet daily at [ now-obsolete site drawclose.tumblr.com ]


Nov 17 Featured reader, The New Yinzer Presents 2010 reading series finale, ModernFormations Gallery, Pittsburgh.

Nov 12 Screened chase in Sync'd, silent experimental films, soundtracks performed live. Part of Pittsburgh Filmmakers' 2010 Three Rivers Film Festival.

July 24 Curated and staged Post-Apocalyptic Movie Theater screening/installation at Gooski's, part of the Polish Hill Arts Festival.

July 3 Published summer issue of The New Yinzer.

June 4-18 LITANY Video installation in 5 galleries and the Jumbotron, downtown Pittsburgh. Three Rivers Arts Festival.

May 8 2-5 pm. Featured reader, Natural Language Anthology reading and release party. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Oakland. International Poetry Room. Free. Featuring an enormous collection of Pittsburgh poets anthologized in a book of poetry with the same title.

May 6 5-8 pm. 2010 Pittsburgh Technology Council's Digital Art and Technology Award Banquet. Finalist for the digital video FLIGHT.

Mar 24 BE HOPE TO HER 20 minute poetry performance with backing film. Performed in mixed bill with Joy Ike, Brian Francis, Gene Stovall. Istanbul, 4130 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA. Benefit of the same title for NURU International.


Dec 18 FLIGHT 20 minute film screened with bands Dire Wolves and Black Yodel. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh, PA.

Dec 11 Featured poet, 6 Gallery Press Winter Reading at ModernFormations gallery

Nov 28 Projected backing film to accompany local bands at The Brillobox. Fundraiser for The New Yinzer

Nov 7 and 9 10 minute section of i.thou (chapter : the bride) screened as part of Pittsburgh Filmmaker's 3 Rivers Film Festival. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Aug 29 Featured poet, Hot August Night, a poetry reading organized by my publisher, 6 Gallery Press. ModernFormations Gallery, Pittsburgh.

July 31 Projected original backing film to accompany bands covering iconic 1970's rock and roll bands for the New Yinzer's fundraiser That 1970's Night.

July 19 Panelist Small Press Festival Pittsburgh. Women In Publishing. Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at CMU.

July 11 Screened 90mn rough cut of longform datamosh video work i.thou at the CD release for Dave Bernabo's Assembly Orchestra CD, Happener Magicker (SortOf Records), at the Brillobox. 9 pm - 2 am. Additionally, I was one of the studio violinists who recorded on this album.

June 9 Screened STRING THEORY animation. Film Kitchen, The Harris Theater, Pittsburgh, PA.

May 14 Designed, laid out, and published The New Yinzer Spring 09 Issue, including my essay I Want You To Think These Dangerous Thoughts and interview with documentary filmmaker Tony Buba, Where The Cornfield Used To Be

April 24 Created, curated, and showed The Drive-In : Post-Apocalyptic Movie Theater as part of Braddock Light, an outdoor/indoor exhibition of installation artwork produced using light as a medium. Screening video artists : Dave Bernabo : Tony Buba : Justin Crimone : Matt Day : Jessica Fenlon : Ben Hernstrom : Chris Smalley : Will Zavala

April 4 Backing video projection for Less Talk More Rock. The Brillobox

Mar 13 Featured Poet : The Karmic Salon. Yoga Matrika Studio, Squirrel Hill.

Mar 6-27 Exhibiting artist video installation in Looking for Seeds: TiNY Art Part 2. Curated by Mark Mangini. ModernFormations Gallery.

Feb 28 Featured poet The Big Dig, 6 Gallery Press's winter showcase. ModernFormations Gallery, 7-10 pm.

Feb 15 Designed, published winter issue of The New Yinzer; wrote videodrome essay with video from Re : Memory (2)

Jan 30 Staged FLIP THE SCRIPT at West Virginia Wesleyan University as part of Holding Passage.

Jan 25-28 Staged FLIP THE SCRIPT at the New Hazlett Theater along with two other pieces in Holding Passage, a show curated by Labco Dance's Gwen Hunter Ritchie. Also featured: Re : Memory (2), created by Janeane Durning and Ursula Payne's piece Under Lock and Key. Review here.


Dec 17 Featured Poet, The New Yinzer Presents Reading Series. With Jackie Corley and musical guest Lottery Puffs.

Nov 2 Screened We Are Named Aries in Public Domain, Private Dominion 3. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Oct 28 Viewer Discretion : Zombie Film Festival at the Brillobox. Curated by Justin Crimone, 31 artists from across the country supplied 3 minute zombie films for this show.

Oct 24 6 Featured Poet : 6 Gallery Press Fall Preview. ModernFormations Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.

Oct 10 Lester Bangs Charity Tribute for Cystic Fibrosis at the Brillobox. Reading of his work accompanied by my animated video projection, followed by live bands. Organized by The New Yinzer.

Oct 4 Published summer issue of The New Yinzer.

Aug 22 Screened Micronarrative Droplets at Matchwood Festival's Slumber Party Film Festival, Braddock, PA. Presented at the Unsmoke Systems Gallery in Braddock.

Aug Became contributing writer for Digging Pitt Blog.

July 22 Created, curated, hosted Viewer Discretion at the Brillobox. New video work created by Pittsburgh's lively and active film and video production community.

June 28 Video projection manager, FLIP THE SCRIPT. Brixen Ivey Theatre, Chicago.

June 24 SPOILED HEAT screened as a featured short for Film Kitchen. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Melwood Ave. N. Oakland.

June 20 and 21 TESTIFY Multimedia performance featuring Vanessa German's spoken word performance. I produced video footage supporting Vanessa's narrative work; managed projection sensitive to her ever-changing readings. The Harris Theater, downtown Pittsburgh.

May 24 poetry poetry Featured poet. Reading at Arefa's. Forbes Ave, Squirrel Hill.

May 24 PublishedTHE NEW YINZER's spring 2008 issue. My inaugural issue as designer and publisher.

May 17 FLIP THE SCRIPTperformed in the Pocono's May 17.

May 8 Screened SPOILED HEAT at a literary event hosted by Erik Rosen at Te Cafe, Squirrel Hill. Mar 21 Published SPOILED HEAT to current.com

Mar 17 Exhibiting installation artist: station number 6 of artist-made stations of the cross. The Union Project.

Feb-Mar Exhibiting installation artist, diver diver diver. 3-screen video installation at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Feb 26 Viewer Discretion Creater and host of video open mic series at the Brillobox.

Feb 23 Exhibiting installation artist, binary. ASCII Group show of keystroke-based art. Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA.

Jan 26 Staged InService First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh. Jan 26. Combining live performance, projected video, and still images, In Service presents first-hand experiences of those who have served in Iraq as soldiers and government officials, and those recording events there as journalists.

Jan 8 Film Kitchen screening of video artists who collaborate with other media artists, featuring Buzz Miller, Jim Mueller, Jessi Sedon and Michael Cooper (The Pillow Project); Staycee Pearl with Isabelle Strollo and Herman Pearl; Jennifer Keller and Jessica Fenlon. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.


Dec 28 New Invisible Joy plays the Brillobox with backing film by Jessica Fenlon.

Dec 22 Flip the Script Multimedia (dance, audio, projected video) piece created with choreographer Stephanie Thiel. Created and projected video synchronized with audio and dance. Performance at the University of Pittsburgh for underprivileged/homeless girls, part of a daylong event, Girls Rock.

Dec 15 Featured performer, Pattern Recognition Projected video and spoken word performance. 20 minute piece staged for a benefit for Common Ground, a women's shelter located in the 9th ward of New Orleans. Your Inner Vagabond, Pittsburgh, PA.

Dec 6 Flip the Script. Multimedia (dance, audio, projected video) piece created with choreographer Stephanie Thiel. Created and projected video synchronized with audio and dance. The Union Project, Pittsburgh, PA.

Nov 7 and 8 Three Rivers Film Festival. VIGIL screened with Charles Burnett's film My Brother's Wedding. Regent Square Theater, 7:00 pm.

Nov 4 Liquid Sundays. Featured literary contributor.

Nov 2 New Invisible Joy opens Three Rivers Film Festival at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, with film by Jessica Fenlon. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh, PA. Opening night celebration.

Oct 23 Viewer Discretion The Brillobox. Creator, curator, host. More new, curious, interesting video from Pittsburgh-based media artists.

Oct 13 noon-midnight Diver, Diver inhabitable video installation at Artist Image Resource's 6th annual Benefit party. 518 Foreland St., North Side, Pittsburgh.

Oct 12 Featured poet, Six Gallery Press Poetry Reading Friday. Modern Formations Gallery, Penn Avenue.

Oct 4-7, 11-14 InService at The Harris Theater downtown. Multiple screens of video tell stories culled from Pittsburgh-area soldiers service in Iraq. Featuring video and stills made by the soldiers thbselves while fighting the war, and live presentations of personal stories. Editor, media projection manager.

Oct 7 Liquid Sundays The Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA. Curator, projectionist: screened VIGIL and other short films by Pittsburgh-based artists.

Sept 21 Kontakt: New Invisible Joy plays the Rex Theater with backing film by Jessica Fenlon.

Sept 16 Sunday Poetry Reading Series. Featured poet. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main branch, Oakland.

June 14-July 15 Solo art show Body and Soul. Painting and printmaking by Jessica Fenlon. Te Cafe Pittsburgh, PA. Projected video of New Orleans, VIGIL. Video was projected on a translucent screen mounted in the large windows of the shop, making it viewable from the street and the shop interior.

June 1-17 Pompton Lakes Radio Serial radio show. Written and recorded by Matt Wellins. Vocal performances: the Curator, Peacoat Eyes. Shown at Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA.

May 12 DD Big Band Improvisation Performance. Modern Formation Gallery. Violinist for noise orchestra.

May 12 Sound Kitchen. Featured poet, two performances. Festival celebrating all Sound Kitchen events ever thrown. Noon-2 AM. AIR Studios, Foreland St. North Side, Pittsburgh.

May 10 The New Yinzer and River Water Present The New Pittsburgh Poets. Reading poet. Modern Formations Gallery.

May 8 Film Kitchen. Exhibiting video artist: Still Spinning. Pittsburgh Filmmaker's Regent Square Theater, 8 pm.

April 20 Encyclopedia Destructica Volume the 4th Release Party. Anthologized video artist, Crossroads. Brillobox.

April 19 Sputnik 2. Video installation for a night of live bands hosted by Chalk Outline Party. The Lava Lounge, Pittsburgh.

April 17 Steel City Poetry Slam: Grand Slam: Final Competition 2006-07 season. Invitational. Competing poet. Shadow Lounge.

Mar 31, April 1 Flip the Script. Multimedia (dance, audio, projected video) piece created with choreographer Stephanie Thiel. Labco's Black Box Series Breathe Yoga Studio, 1113 E. Carson St., 3d Floor.

Mar 27 Viewer Discretion. 9:00 pm. The Brillobox. Creator, curator, and host.

Mar 22 Sputnik I. Video installation for thbed band night hosted by Chalk Outline Party. The Lava Lounge, Southside, Pittsburgh.

Feb 9 Featured poet, Love Bites the New Yinzer.7:30 pm. The Brillobox.

Feb 2 Exhibiting artist, ambulantics! Video party vol 1. 10:00 pm. The Brillobox.

Jan 30 Viewer Discretion : Super8/8mm edition 9:00 pm. The Brillobox. Creator, curator, and host.

Jan 27 Beautiful yawp Curator, film/video screening. Multi-stage poetry/music performance event. The Shadow Lounge. 6 pm - 2 am.

Nov 11 2006 - Feb 3 2007 Exhibiting artist, Bright and Shiny Holiday, Digging Pitt Gallery.


Dec 12 Film Kitchen Exhibiting filmmaker beautiful/strange Melwood screening room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Nov 28 Viewer Discretion Creator, curator, and host. Featuring the Film Frenzy festival, work by Will Zavala, Nic Moushey, Justin Crimone/Josh Hehr (zeno films), and me. Brillobox, 4104 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh.

Nov 5 Slamtorum: Political poetry reading sponsored by League of Young Voters and United Steelworkers, The Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Oct 17 Poetry Slam, The Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Oct 14-Nov 12 Contributing video artist. PURE The former office supply superstore: 400 Western Ave. Brighton (Boston), MA. Opening reception and performances Oct. 14, 2006. From the exhibition website: Art, Medicine and Technology all happen in the same type of space : the white room : a sterilized environment.

Oct 9 TBA presents: Beneath the Bumrush: an Anthology book release party and poetry reading. Collected author. Modern Formations gallery. A benefit for Book 'b, Pittsburgh's books-for-prisoners program.

Sept 26 Viewer Discretion. Creator and host. The Brillobox, 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh.

Sept 22 C.O.P. performance with Plan Lost in Dream backing video by Jessica Fenlon The Brillobox, 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh.

Sept 19 Poetry Slam The Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Aug 13 Screened Sisyphus Rex in Public Domain Private Dominion at Galapagos Art Space, 70 N6th St. Brooklyn.

Aug 12 C.O.P. performance with Plan Lost in Dream video projection by Jessica Fenlon, Gooski's Tavern.

Aug 10 Featured performer, Sound Kitchen Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art. Featured Poet, with backing video.

July 25 Organizer, performer, Survival Skills: A Celebration of the Creative Reaction. A benefit for the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. Tuesday, July 25 at the Brillobox. Featuring Jennifer O'Connor (NYC); Frank Bienkowski, Justin Crimone, Jessica Fenlon, Aaron Jentzen, and Kristin McHugh presented a low-key mix of music, video, and spoken word performance. 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh.

June 27 Viewer Discretion Curator, creator, host. The Brillobox 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh. Work shown included Ben Hernsrom, Matt Wellins, Justin Crimone, Lori H., and me.

June 11 Screening filmmaker, Public Domain, Private Dominion invitational film festival curated by Ben Hernstrom/ambulantic films. Melwood Screening Room, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

April 29 Featured performer, Beautiful Noise: I performed spoken word/poetry with Aaron Jentzen's live guitar performance and my backing video. Brillobox, 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh.

April 18 C.O.P. performance with Plan Lost in Dream backing video by Jessica Fenlon Mr. Small's Theater, Millvale, PA.

April 6 Viewer Discretion Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Mar 18 C.O.P. performance with Plan Lost in Dream backing video by Jessica Fenlon. Brillobox, 4104 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh.

Mar 2 Viewer Discretion Creator and host, video open mic, Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Feb 2 Viewer Discretion Creator and host, video open mic, Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh.

Jan 25 Featured Poet Evening of Random Bullsh*t. Pittsburgh Deli Company, Shadyside.


Sept 13 Featured poet, Transplant Diaries Solo reading of artist-made chapbook of same title. The Spotted Salamander, Pittsburgh, PA.

June 25 Exhibiting installation artist, Publicly Private. Video installation in Pittsburgh Filmmaker's Media Tonic II.

June 18 Exhibiting artist, Ambient: A Fragment Animation shown at Sprout fund's annual Hothouse event, Pittsburgh, PA.

April 11 Take 5 Organizedand read at intimate poetry & music performance evening. The Spotted Salamander, Pittsburgh, PA.

Ongoing (2005) selected bookworks on view in Mobilivre a mobile artist-book library touring North America.

Jan 28 Pleiades projection with band performance. Wood St. Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.


Aug 6-27 Drawing Closer Curated, organized, and participated in collaborative work at Future Tenant Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.

June 4-20 Exhibiting installation artist, Subscription. Three Rivers Arts Festival; Future Tenant Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA.

Dec 31/03 - Jan 01/04 Performance artist, Turning the Wheel of the Year Performance, First Night events


June 15 - July 20 Exhibiting video artist, Emulsion Artists Foundation @ The Distillery, 516 E 2nd St. 1st floor, Boston, MA

May 2-19 Emulsion: Color and Light MFA Thesis Exhibition. Tufts University Gallery, Medford, MA.

Feb 15-24 Exhibiting artist ICON/oclast Invitational. Adams Court, Harvard University.


interview ungun: Silence versus Speech in the Experience of Pain. OF NOTE Magazine, Spring 2017.

2015 my essay on capture [ a semiotic meditation ] published in LibreGraphics 2015 issue 2.4 CAPTURE

2015 April UNLOADED review features a reading of ungun: UNLOADED at Arthopper

peep featured video work with artist statement and interview in Stigmart10 Autumn 2014 VideoFocus October 2014.

i.thou reviewed by David Finklestein at Film Threat, May 2014.

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Seslow. Giphy featured artist Ryan Seslow highlighted ungun.

A Roundup of Cool Glitch Art from Around the Web. Featured article at SciFiMethods, April 7, 2013.

Pittsburgh Rare. Barrett Warner's review of Spritual Side Effects. Fall 2012.

Substance Perfectly Formed: The Poetry of Jessica Fenlon Ysabel de la Rosa's review of Spiritual Side Effects.

LABCO Dance's Holding Passage tackles some tough topics. Steve Sulaco. Pittsburgh City Paper Jan 22, 2009.

New Invisible Joy returns to the stage with KONTAKT. Pittsburgh City Paper Sept 20, 2007. Aaron Jentzen.

Signal to Noise column City Paper Aug 30, 2007. Aaron Jentzen.

A local art-zine releases a big new video compilation. City Paper May 24, 2007. By Bill O'Driscoll. Review of Encyclopedia Destructica vol IV.

Results from the 29-hour Film Frenzy, and the documentary "Portrait of a Campaign," screen at Film Kitchen. City Paper Dec 7, 2006. By Bill O'Driscoll.

Music Preview: Chalk Outline Party adds to EP collection with 'Psychic U.K.' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Thursday, April 13, 2006. By Ed Masley.

Drawing Room City Paper Aug 12,2004.

subscription featured in Pulpitations. Pulp June 10-17 2004, p. 15.

Future Tenant Showcases Installations of 3 Women
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review June 15, 2004, front page, Living section. Includes photograph of subscription.

The Knitting Revolution by Sue Green, Bench magazine. June 2, 2003.

Knitting in Contemporary Art. Interweave Knits, Summer, 2002. Featured artist.

The Urban Knitter by Lily M. Chin. Berkeley Books: New York, Feb 2002. Profiled co-designer.


Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy.

Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Pittsburgh. Purchase

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Purchase

Project Mobilivre, Canada. Juried

Tufts University, Medford, MA. Purchase