data painting : cutup ~ it is a ripe time


data painting [ cutup ~ it is a ripe time ] 2 section of 5 minute finished work. 2017


created in maxMSP assembled in FCPX

Cutup in the tradition of William Burroughs // In the days following the Charlottesville, VA Nazi / Alt-right tiki torch march and violence, I assembled this cutup using many sources. Footage of GOP leader & former President Ronald Reagan condemning racist violence was found on Twitter, placed there in response to news out of Charlotte.

Other audio samples include Tibetan Buddhist master Pema Chodron, and those taken from a newscast after January's inauguration, in which newscasters discussed the punching of Nazi Richard Spencer and whether or not that's OK. Video clips include glitches I created from a still image of the tiki torch walk; a glitch in the wild captured on FaceBook, of a broken livestream; a red white and blue glitch I had made to celebrate July 4 this year.

American poet/author William Burroughs created this form first with image & text collage, later giving instruction for audiotape & other celluloid media versions in his cutup trilogy (SOFT MACHINE etc). This data painting experiment extends his practice via slowly shifting loops aginast loops, over time, in a system created in maxMSP's patching environment.