the neuroses


Automatic paintings live-drawn with text shift and shimmer as projections.


neurosis.perfectionism installed in screen/ing (solo, 2017) Aylward Gallery, University of Wisconsin Fox Valley, Menasha, WI.

Hosted on a computer the size of a deck of cards, the projection creates a new piece each day. Colors shift through palettes across 14- to 16-hour timespans. Since the animations - coded in processing - are built to provide randomness in the 'brush's' path, each day's iteration is unique.


animation sample neurosis.romanticObsession (close up - not the full image field)

While the text-sayings for neurosis.perfectionism were collected from students spontaneous utterances (when they made mistakes, when they failed) over years of teaching, the texts for neurosis.romanticObsession are culled from lyrics to "love songs".

For neurosis.gaslighting I solicited the language people survived hearing in abusive relationships. The animation flickers and flares, a flame, lash.


Other pieces in the series include neurosis.regret, which includes a 3-minute 'fixed' version - a video that has screened since its creation in 2017.

I'm most interested in exhibiting this work as large-scale gallery installations which allow the viewer bodily relationship to the work, as well as the opportunity to visit and revisit the pieces at different times of day to experience the shifts in palette, rhythm, and line accumulations &/or erasures by blend modes.

For more views of neurosis.perfectionism, check the documentation of screen/ing.