arrived through layers of information transformation. What began as an animation of rotating spirographs drawing themselves became, with maxMSP's computer vision tools, a MIDI score.

The MIDI score plays the synthesizers built in Logic; I composed melodic lines to give the dancers support for longer arcing movements. Music accompanies the three performers . . .



The performance With the score playing, an artist draws directly
on the pavement with a compass and pastel pencils.

Dancers’ feet erase and blur the drawing.

The artist draws a bit more, the dancers' movements erase . . .
. . . and repeat, evolve, transform . . . repeat.

Performance with electronic music, 45 minutes.

Friday, September 21 this work arrived in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin.
Performed in a pair of parking spaces booked by Liminal Gallery's
Cristian Andersson, the work was invited in to the annual [PARK]ing
event during Appleton's "Art on the Town".

Artist, author, composer : Jessica Fenlon.
Dancers : Katharina Abderholden (burgundy) and Imogen Gillard (black)

Performed as [ manco ].