automata-ungun portable-neurosis-perfectionism
automata-ungun portable-neurosis-perfectionism



exhibition screen/ing (solo) March 22 - May 5 2017

Generative artworks automata.ungun and portableNeurosis.perfectionism animations coded in Processing projected from raspberry pi computers in the gallery. Video work brokenAlphabet  installed on all-campus monitors, broadcasting clips ranging in length from 7 to 60 seconds. 

Students and faculty were afraid that brokenAlphabet was evidence that the campus communication system had been hacked. The campus pulled the work from exhibition until I edited in bumpers contextualizing the work.

University of Wisconsin Fox Valley Aylward Gallery and all-campus monitor system. Menasha, WI.

artist statement



brokenAlphabet clip 8 : joy is for fear (2016-2017)