ungun 90 second sample (2013)



Ungun capitalizes on our familiarity with commercial movies and efficiently so because of its ability to blur the line between embracing the media's love affair with guns and violence or its opposite—repulsion—by simply distilling and reflecting this strategy. Fenlon's tightrope act teeters between the glorification and the denunciation of gun violence, forcing the viewer to choose between either meaning. The final result is perhaps ultimately dependent on what side of the fence one stands.

~ Scott Turri, arthopper.org



ungun [ blondie / good, bad, ugly series ] 2015

artist statement

I began breaking stolen digital images of guns in late 2012, after fourteen people were killed in one weekend in Chicago, IL. My only goal was to make the image invoke an imaginary gun that wouldn't work, if it were real.

When I showed people what I was doing, they told me to keep doing it. They told me stories about guns from their lives. I began making animated .gifs of the gun dissolving, disappearing. Make it go away. People kept telling me their gun stories.

I thought about the hunters I knew growing up. I thought about the Native American kid my family saw at the boat launch in Northern Wisconsin in the late 80's or maybe it was 1990. He had a shotgun in the bottom of his canoe. This was perfectly reasonable. That summer, adult Native Americans had been shot and killed by white men in the woods. I thought of the black kid I saw on the bus in Chicago tucking a gun into his red plastic backpack, casually handling this silvergrey metal object disproportionately large to his 3.5 foot frame. I had no framework to evaluate the reasonableness of him owning this thing. It was of his world.

The torn and broken gun images were incredibly popular on my flickr account. I kept making them. 5,000+ glitched images later I built a 6.5 minute animated film, completed February of 2013. For the soundtrack I sampled audio from American movies in which guns have roles as important as human actors. In those movies, the sound of a gunshot is its speech -


ungun image used in the UNLOADED exhibition materials for
UP IN ARMS at Wesleyan University


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04.2013 : VIDEO>transcends [ stream ]
05.2013 : MAGMART VIII, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy [ screening ]
06.2103 : Audiovisioni Digitali/Scicli, Sicily, Italy [ multiple monitor installation ]
08.2013 : Videoholica : Varna, Bulgaria. [ screening ]
11.2013 : Three Rivers Film Festival, competitive shorts program : Pittsburgh, PA. [ screening ]
12.2013 : 8th International Streaming Festival. The Hague, Netherlands. [ stream ]

02-03.2014 : VIDEO>transcends. CUNY QCC Art Gallery, Queens, NY. [ monitor installation ]
02.2014 : gifs featured in Y'all ready for .gifs? storefront exhibition of gifs. THREADS, Logan Square, Chicago, Il
11.2014 : Medrar's 6th Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, Egypt [ screening ]

02-04.2015 in UNLOADED (group) SPACE gallery, Pittsburgh. [ projection installation ]
04.2015 : FILMIDEO 2015. International screening/installation, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ. [ monitor installation ]
04.2015 : FONLAND2015 : Portugal. [ screening ]
05.2015 : Milwaukee Underground Film Festival (4/30-5/3), 7:00 PM, Kenilworth. Milwaukee, WI.
08-10.2015 : in UNLOADED (group) Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. [ projection installation ]

01-03.2016 : in UNLOADED (group) Ithica, NY. [ computer monitor installation ]
03-05.2016 : in UNLOADED (group) Grand Rapids, MI. [ projection installation ]
06.2016 : screened in Bring Your Own Beamer!, Porto, Portugal.
09-10.2016 : in Visual Studies Workshop's UNITS (group) Rochester, NY.
10-12.2016 : in UNLOADED at City Way (group) Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art at CityWay. Indianapolis, IN.

01-02.2017 : in UNLOADED (group) U of Kentucky at Lexingtion Bolivar Art Gallery, Lexington, KY.
03-04.2017 : in UNLOADED (group) Maine College of Art, Portland, ME.
04-05.2017 : in UNLOADED (group) Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
09-10.2017 : in UNLOADED (group) University of LaVerne, LaVerne, CA.
10-12.2017 : in UNLOADED: UP IN ARMS (group), Wesleyan University's South Gallery, Wesleyan.


ungun [ angel eyes / good, bad, ugly series ] 2015


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